Iggy’s Frist Public Appearance

I am a Toastmaster in the Detroit area. I am the District 28 Meetup Coordinator. I held a training session at the Dearborn and Toledo Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) in January 2018. I recorded my presentation on January 20th .

Here is the YouTube link to my training session on Meetup Pro for District 28:

I have plans to write on many topics. Here is my project list:

  • I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Walsh College Troy in 2014. I have many interesting articles. I will be cleaning these up and posting them here. My first one is about forecasting the housing market and what factors have to most significant effects. Population growth is a huge factor as well have free cash-flow within a family. (More immigrants and all having extra money will cause growth.)
  • I am a retired Computer Engineer. I have two published papers when I worked at Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group (CIG) in the 1990s in Fort Worth Texas.
    • There is a paper on using modeling tools and reuse of a platform. CACI modeling tools was used to create a Motorola networking tools for network performance management. Motorola SES 1997.
    • There is a paper on middleware communication tools like CORBA. Motorola had a UDP system. This is a trade study of 4 middleware platforms, UDP vs TCP over IP. Motorola SES 1999.
  • I am bipolar manic depressive. I plan to write many things about this.
    • My Memoir: Adventures in the Psych Hospital.
  • I am a Vegan, I practice of Ayurveda, and I survived Breast Cancer in 2012. I plan to blog on bettering your health.
  • I am a Toastmaster. I earned my Distinguished Toastmaster Master (DTM) in July 2017. I will post short stories and other speeches. My goal is to a collection of short stories and essays. Hopefully, these will published some day.
  • I am an Armenian, Methodist, Unity Church Christian. My dad Roupen was a survivor of the Armenian Holocaust. I was born in Detroit Michigan. I hope to share a message of Love, Forgiveness, and Renewal. I am an Iguidbashian & Kurk-jian, from Arabkir. A Detroit Paul-ian.

Welcome to the Linda Iggy Blog!

February 9th, 2018

Published by Linda Iggy Dean

Writer, Armenian, bipolar, Engineer, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Ayurveda follower, MBA graduate of Walsh College in Troy Michigan in 2014. Mother/stepmother of five. Iggy The Writer is a collection of speeches, opinions and history.

2 thoughts on “Iggy’s Frist Public Appearance

  1. I love that picture. It shows the contrasts between the green fertile land against the backdrop of the dark mountains and white the clouds. This picture says a thousand words. Great choice. Is that Armenia?


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