Iggy’s Frist Public Appearance

I am a Toastmaster in the Detroit area. I am the District 28 Meetup Coordinator. I held a training session at the Dearborn and Toledo Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) in January 2018. I recorded my presentation on January 20th .

Here is the YouTube link to my training session on Meetup Pro for District 28:


I have plans to write on many topics. Here is my project list:

  • I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Walsh College Troy in 2014. I have many interesting articles. I will be cleaning these up and posting them here. My first one is about forecasting the housing market and what factors have to most significant effects. Population growth is a huge factor as well have free cash-flow within a family. (More immigrants and all having extra money will cause growth.)
  • I am a retired Computer Engineer. I have two published papers when I worked at Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group (CIG) in the 1990s in Fort Worth Texas.
    • There is a paper on using modeling tools and reuse of a platform. CACI modeling tools was used to create a Motorola networking tools for network performance management. Motorola SES 1997.
    • There is a paper on middleware communication tools like CORBA. Motorola had a UDP system. This is a trade study of 4 middleware platforms, UDP vs TCP over IP. Motorola SES 1999.
  • I am bipolar manic depressive. I plan to write many things about this.
    • My Memoir: Adventures in the Psych Hospital.
  • I am a Vegan, I practice of Ayurveda, and I survived Breast Cancer in 2012. I plan to blog on bettering your health.
  • I am a Toastmaster. I earned my Distinguished Toastmaster Master (DTM) in July 2017. I will post short stories and other speeches. My goal is to a collection of short stories and essays. Hopefully, these will published some day.
  • I am an Armenian, Methodist, Unity Church Christian. My dad Roupen was a survivor of the Armenian Holocaust. I was born in Detroit Michigan. I hope to share a message of Love, Forgiveness, and Renewal. I am an Iguidbashian & Kurk-jian, from Arabkir. A Detroit Paul-ian.

Welcome to the Linda Iggy Blog!

February 9th, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Iggy’s Frist Public Appearance

  1. Hi Linda, nice presentation. The more you post the more followers you will get.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that picture. It shows the contrasts between the green fertile land against the backdrop of the dark mountains and white the clouds. This picture says a thousand words. Great choice. Is that Armenia?


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