Armenia as a Free Nation

Running head:  Armenia as a Free Nation Armenia as a Free NationLinda Iguidbashian DeanWalsh College ECN 523Summer 2013 Abstract             Armenia has transitioned from being a republic of the United Socialist Soviet Republic (USSR) in 1991 to being a democracy with active political parties that is striving to be a free trade nation as partContinue reading “Armenia as a Free Nation”

I Love Lithium. You Might Too.

I love Lithium. Finally, my brain and my thoughts are running at the same speed. I can listen and follow a conversation and answer back. Without Lithium, my mind analyzes what is said and I’m lost in my thoughts. I also have a hard time memorizing. If I can figure out how something works, I’mContinue reading “I Love Lithium. You Might Too.”

Wish We Could Nominate Bernie for President

Joe Biden seems to have raped Tara Reade. Let us be clear what rape is, my definition. Rape is when a person is penetrated or violated against their will. There is trauma associated with the act of rape. I belief Tara Reade’s claims. She says she was penetrated by Joe’s fingers. She shared her storyContinue reading “Wish We Could Nominate Bernie for President”