I Love Lithium. You Might Too.

I love Lithium. Finally, my brain and my thoughts are running at the same speed. I can listen and follow a conversation and answer back. Without Lithium, my mind analyzes what is said and I’m lost in my thoughts. I also have a hard time memorizing. If I can figure out how something works, I’mContinue reading “I Love Lithium. You Might Too.”

How Roupen Came to America

    I was fiddling around with a family tree. I tried doing a bottom to top tree. The bottom has the oldest generation you can know about. You then work upward with links for relations who you know about. For reference, my dad Roupen came to the USA in 1950 and married my momContinue reading “How Roupen Came to America”

Love Armenian Style

2018 Toastmasters International Speech Contest Area and Division Competition, District 28 Dressed Armenian style belly dancing belt, wrist handkerchief YEREVAN DARTZATS, IM EREBOONIE, DOO MER NOR DAVIN, MER NOR ANI (1, YouTube) This is the song about Armenia’s capital Yerevan which is compared to the 5th century kingdom fortress Ani. (2) I am fond ofContinue reading “Love Armenian Style”

Iggy’s Frist Public Appearance

I am a Toastmaster in the Detroit area. I am the District 28 Meetup Coordinator. I held a training session at the Dearborn and Toledo Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) in January 2018. I recorded my presentation on January 20th . Here is the YouTube link to my training session on Meetup Pro for District 28: IContinue reading “Iggy’s Frist Public Appearance”