How Roupen Came to America

    I was fiddling around with a family tree. I tried doing a bottom to top tree. The bottom has the oldest generation you can know about. You then work upward with links for relations who you know about. For reference, my dad Roupen came to the USA in 1950 and married my momContinue reading “How Roupen Came to America”

The Armenian Diaspora Speech

Linda Iguidbashian Dean The Armenian Diaspora Speech Version 1.0 January 23, 2018 Presented by Linda Dean The Armenian Diaspora Speech Background This is a story about my family. My father Roupen was born in the summer of 1914 in western Armenian, in the village of Arabkir. The village was part of the Ottoman Empire, nowContinue reading “The Armenian Diaspora Speech”