How Roupen Came to America


I was fiddling around with a family tree. I tried doing a bottom to top tree. The bottom has the oldest generation you can know about. You then work upward with links for relations who you know about.

For reference, my dad Roupen came to the USA in 1950 and married my mom Rosie Eleanor Paulian. Roupen (or Rouben) had his mother Hyeganoush, her two brothers: Yervant, and Edward, and her two uncles: Levon and Vahan. Roupen’s Uncle Yervant got him into a Pharmacists school (because someone dropped out, racial preference in Baghdad Iraq) Great Uncle Vahan wrote a book about the history of Armenia. Great Uncle Levon was a doctor in the Ottoman Army (conscribed).

Roupen is/was Armenian. He came to the USA so that his children could be educated and could strive. Good job Daddy! You got a doctor, an engineer, and a gracious world traveler.

Roupen had family in Baghdad. I do not know what happened to them. Two uncles with two each children. The daughters made it to North America, the sons are lost to us. Bogosh (electrical engineer), and Arameak (don’t know his education level). The girls Astreg and Pauline made it to California and Toronto respectively.

 Anyway, here is my virtual attempt at a family tree. The blood lines travel threw the Woman instead of the Men. The woman can name them selves based on the Father and Mother. There are participants who effected the bloodline. For Example, Glee help me out when I left my then husband so that I had safety and home I needed. Richard also helped me and became my dear husband.

 The Kirkjian clan is my dad’s mother Hyeganoush and the four uncles. Uncle Levon who worked in the Ottoman Empire as a doctor. He died in the war, but was able to help this young siblings afford to get out of Armenia (Arabkir province). They first sheltered by Kurdish friends. Then travelled threw Syria and on to Baghdad. That is the Kurkjian side of Roupen’s family.

 The Iguidbashian, father’s side, was murdered by the Turks. The village men were gathered into a church where they were shot down and murdered. That would be my Grandpa John (Ohhannes Iguidbashian).

 Roupen was about 40 when came to the states. He came by himself to study. His dream was to build a Pharmaceutical factory to make life saving medicines. Rosie’s father, Parnak (Paul) Paulian made him an offer he couldn’t refuse so that he’d marry the smart and very beautiful Rosie Paulian, my dear and lovable Mom.

 Rosie was the only lady that would let Roupen get his mother into America. Well, there are many, many stories for another day.

 For me, I could name myself (one example):

Linda Mariam Iguidbashian (given name) Rouben (as in the 12th son of Abraham, Coat of Many Colors reference) Dean (honoring my Husband).

 Have fun creating your own family tree. Sorry for no visuals, it is proving impossible to scan and attach the file at this time. Below is my much loved and always lovable Daddy, Abba, Father.

 Love Always,

Linda Iggy Dean


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Writer, Armenian, bipolar, Engineer, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Ayurveda follower, MBA graduate of Walsh College in Troy Michigan in 2014. Mother/stepmother of five. Iggy The Writer is a collection of speeches, opinions and history.

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